Music is Love | Love is Music

Music is

Music is something harmonic and rhythmic many sounds things that traduce into a seven code of different sounds can made it and five of those seven a little more softer than the one of five sounds that is a Bemol / flat / flatten of next sound in front of sound that is back or sustained sound that are after of back sound that is Bemol and is a little more soft /softer than of one that be are seven natural Pitched sounds!

Music it is can sense with soul with our body with our mind and too get in to ears that is it only is heard that can make all sense of naturally good wrong humor that is bad and that make real in world!

Music is used to sing a song to fell and transmit love transmit good humor to nurture feed feelings of our body. All music in conjunction is love traduced in words that it is emitted with rhythmic sounds that can calm the strain of body health and our soul Music is Love Love is Music.

That is love music

That is music love

That is music songs of love.

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